Doom Prophet Shares Why He Can’t Stop Using Insecticide On Followers


Yesterday, BuzzSouthAfrica reported that using insecticide repellent for religious healing in South Africa, is history, a thing of the past.

That was because Pastor Lethebo Rabalago, the man we’ve come to know as the Doom Prophet, was ordered by the Limpopo High Court to stop using insecticide on his congregants.

It emerged in November 2016 that Pastor Lethebo Rabalago of the Mount Zion General Assembly in Limpopo was casting away demons, healing sickness and setting the captives free with Doom insect killer.

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Following the outcry over the use of insecticide repellent on humans, the Limpopo Health Department obtained a court interdict to stop the Doom Prophet from further dooming of his church members.

Eventually, Pastor Rabalago was dragged to the Limpopo High Court. There, his lawyer Advocate Edmond Lubisi contended that the insecticide repellent was only used on church members who volunteered.

And, none of them suffered any devastating consequence, Advocate Lubisi pointed-out.

On the other end, Advocate Humphrey Masilo the legal counsel for the provincial health department argued that the government is obligated to protect the public from things that would bring them harm.

With that, the court ruled that the Doom Prophet must stop using insecticide on his congregants. Also, the Doom Prophet was ordered to pay the legal costs of the Limpopo department of health.

Celebrating the victory, Phophi Ramathuba the MEC for health welcomed the High Court decision in the light of the Humans Right Day.

“We are empowered,” she said, “let us not take advantage of the vulnerable. Anyone who claims to have a product with curative properties must register it with the Medical Controls Council,” she upheld.

Reacting to the court rule, Doom Prophet prophesied that the department has triggered the dooming of South Africa by dragging him to court.

“There are leaders in government who think they are above God,” he said. “The government had disrespected God. What do we expect when we touch God? Do we expect God to just laugh?

“Many people are going to die after this. Everything in the country is going to be affected,” he proclaimed.

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Thereafter, he hinted that he’ll be disobeying the court order; he can’t stop using insecticide on his followers.

According to him, he received an instruction from God on the issue. And, the government will have to introduce a new law if they must stop him from doing God’s work. He reportedly said:

“They will have to come up with a specific law. We are not shaken. We are still going to do more. If God says do, I will do. I don’t worship the government, I worship God.”

The prophet earlier expressed that he isn’t scared of jail because God could make him disappear from prison.