‘Don’t Vote ANC And Perish, We’re Here To Liberate You’ – Malema


You deserve better, you’re a citizen, not a customer. Don’t vote ANC and perish, we’re here to liberate you.

Those were the expressions EFF leader – Juluis Malema used to urge his audience to abandon the ANC at the Mangosuthu University of Technology sports ground in Umlazi, Durban.

Juju said South Africans who vote for the ANC should blame themselves for their sufferings.

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The ANC is chasing numbers, not dignity for its people. You can only blame yourself if you are still voting for the African National Congress and you don’t get service delivery.

Don’t vote ANC, there is no one else to blame. Your government has failed you. They give you matchbox houses. If you have a job, you can buy a nice house, not an RDP house. You deserve the restoration of your dignity,” Malema said.

Like always, he condemned President Jacob Zuma. This time he trash-talked Mr President for allowing the economically troubled nation spend almost R9 million on cars for his wives.

“What kind of a president is that? A good leader would say just pay for one car for one wife and I will take care of the rest. President Zuma is selfish,” Juju remarked.

He said the insinuations by the ANC and other parties, suggesting that the EFF will reduce municipalities to junk status by enabling free service delivery are ‘nonsense’.

“All we have to do is redirect corruption money into basic services. That money from the fancy lunches and the Johnny Walker Blue must be used for the poor,” he stated.

“Municipalities must stop seeing people as a source of income. The municipality is not a Pty Ltd.

This is eThekwini, not Pick n Pay. At Pick n Pay you pay for water and you receive it. That is a customer. You are not customers of eThekwini; you are citizens of eThekwini.

We cannot have a situation where 22 years after democracy we still have people walking ten kilometers to fetch water.

Don’t vote ANC, the EFF is here to liberate the minds of the African children. The ANC fights with us in this province because we speak truth to power. We should only be scared of God, not the ANC,” Malema charged.

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Above all, he cautioned the people not to join the EFF hoping for positions in government.

“The EFF doesn’t fight for positions, that is for the ANC,” he added.