Don’t Expect Any Change, South Africa’s Political Elite Are Too Greedy To Be Trusted – Political Analysts


Three political analysts who lectured at the four-day political school of the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) agreed that South Africa’s political elite are deprive of the ability to positively transform the nation because of greed which have rendered them vulnerable in their relationship with big business.

These analyst, as culled from Sowetan Live said the new black political elite who emerged after apartheid was dismantled have abandoned South Africa and embraced the “elite club”.

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First, professor Steven Friedman condemned the ANC for its leader who joined the white minority elite club and left the populace behind to perish in hardship. That according to Friedman, engineered the ugly relationship and bitterness between ordinary citizens  and the ruling elite.

With that, he pointed out that it’s surreal for the black majority desire to live like whites did during apartheid in the present South Africa. “This was 10% of the population oppressing 90% of the majority in order to get those privileges,” he explained and advised that the work on ensuring everyone benefits from what is available. “We must ask about how we can ensure that everyone benefits from what we have,” he said.

The second political analyst, professor Somadoda Fikeni indicated that ANC leaders are obsessed with materialism. To Fikeni, “our political elite have become so obsessed with lifestyle issues and still think they can conduct a revolution.

It is simply not possible because, by its own nature, transformation is based on self-sacrifice,” he noted. And questioned how realistic it is to depend on such politicians who flirt with capital as a backup for resources to fall on when they lose political power to transform a sector or lead a revolution.

Professor Sipho Seepe on his end, called for an extreme economic transformation and lashed black academics and political analysts for being mute and reluctant to speak up about the economy on behalf of the black majority.

“The majority of wealth in this country is not in your hands, but do you hear black analysts talk about the economy?…this is because they have been thrown the bone,” Seepe remarked and demanded of the leader to explore the less explored sectors.

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