Donkeys Used to Smuggle Stolen Cars from SA into Zimbabwe


SAPS intercepted goods being smuggled from South Africa into Zimbabwe only to discover a motor vehicle that was reported stolen in Durban being dragged into Mugabe’s country by five donkeys.

From our gatherings, it was the Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Nneke Ledwaba that led an aerial operation which resulted in the interception of goods being smuggled from South Africa into Zimbabwe.

As learnt, a donkey cart was spotted from a police helicopter conveying goods towards the Zimbabwe side of the Limpopo river.

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“The suspects, when noticing a police helicopter landing on the river bank, fled into Zimbabwe; leaving the donkeys and the cart in the dryer portion of the Limpopo river.

This is the second achievement of an operation led by the Provincial Commissioner.

“Last week, a motor vehicle that was reported stolen in Durban was abandoned by the suspects in the middle of the Limpopo River together with five donkeys that were used to pull it through the water.

“The suspects fled after they were spotted from a police helicopter. The origin of these items, which include groceries, is still being investigated and there is no arrest,” SAPS narrated.

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Meanwhile, information from the South African Revenue Service (SARS) divulged that counterfeit sneakers worth R8.7 million were seized at the Lebombo border post in Mpumalanga.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that a total of 9,085 pairs of Adidas-branded and 1,850 pairs of Nike-branded sneakers were discovered in a white truck coming into South Africa from Mozambique.

According to SARS, the truck driver ignored requests from Customs officials to stop at the port checkpoint. The officials later discovered that the same truck was detained earlier this year in July with a consignment of clothing.

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