Dlamini-Zuma: The DA Is Manipulating SA Government Using The Judiciary


Former chairperson of the African Union, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has strongly lashed out at South Africa’s opposition party, the  Democratic Alliance saying it manipulates political affairs of South Africa, using the state’s judiciary.

The former leader who has gone silent since the end of her tenure at the AU has resurfaced in the SA politics with her first comment targeting the ANC strongest opposition, saying it is using the judiciary to govern.

Delivering the keynote address at Wits University’s Golden Key Society event on Wednesday under the theme Human rights and economic transformation, Dlamini-Zuma said the state needs to strengthen its legal institutions because the Democratic Alliance (DA) is controlling the judiciary.

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She praised the government saying it’s generally working well but that the opposition, at times, abuses the judiciary for its own selfish course.

“The DA has recognized that they can use the judiciary to govern. They can stop a law, go to court…” Dlamini-Zuma said, adding that a solution to this would be to increase legal insight within the government.

Dlamini-Zuma’s call for the state judiciary to be protected echoes same words from the DA leader Mmusi Maimane who last month, charged South Africans to be alert less Zuma and his cronies successfully seize control of the judiciary.

Maimane, who was speaking after the recent break-in at the office of the Chief Justice, warned South Africans that Zuma and his co-thieves are determined to lay hold of the state’s judicial system which is now the only place left for good to win over evil.

According to him, the justice system is under attack from the “state capture gang who has turned to sinister methods to silence those with any power left to bring the corrupt to book.

The political leader further noted that the robbery at the office of chief justice was a direct attack on the judiciary by Zuma’s “state security thugs” as part of his moves in his kleptocratic government.

He said with the judiciary being captured,  South Africa will be like countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela and by so doing, be taken back to the apartheid era where South Africans had to fight with nowhere to turn for protection from a hostile state.

The fact is, our state has been captured by a crime syndicate that cannot tolerate an independent corruption-busting unit that actually does its job, he said, giving example of the situation where despite two previous court rulings that Ntlemeza is unfit to head it, former Police Minister Nhleko, another of Zuma’s lackeys, insisted on retaining him.

“This is why Nhleko is now appealing this ruling, at taxpayers’ expense,” he said

In the recent chaos emanating from Gordhan’s firing, the DA leader asked the North Gauteng High Court to give President Jacob Zuma five days to provide the court with reasons for his decision to dismiss former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas.

The leader said Zuma’s reliance on a so-called intelligence report for his decision to axe Gordhan was clearly irrational and thus, the court should compel him to provide all the documents, electronic records, correspondence and advice that informed his decision to reshuffle his Cabinet.

Meanwhile, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is largely assumed to the next leader of the ruling ANC and possibly the one to succeed Zuma’s Presidential seat.

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She, however, seems not to get publicly involved in the issues of the country that has turned chaotic at the moment. She came back with fanfare and a large welcome home ceremony just over two weeks ago, and it was expected that she would step back into a Cabinet position.

Zuma concluded and released his list for the new cabinet but he made no space for her.

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