Disciplinary Hearing Against Makhosi Khoza: 2 Reasons It Was Postponed


The much-anticipated disciplinary hearing against African National Congress (ANC) member, Makhosi Khoza, was postponed on Sunday after the outspoken MP failed to show up at the venue of the meeting.

The hearing was originally scheduled to take place on Sunday, September 11, at 9 am in Durban but was later moved to 3 pm, to Khoza’s exasperation.

In response to the stipulated time, at the time, the embattled MP raised her suspicious about the time, date, and venue of the meeting.

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An apparently dissatisfied Khoza asked why the ANC chose the time, arguing that many meetings of this type don’t usually hold on Sunday afternoons.

She also expressed fear of being ambushed and possibly assassinated in KwaZulu-Natal province due to the recent killings in the region.

Makhosi, who was apparently not convinced with the plans on the ground, said she might not attend the meeting because “that will put my life in even more danger.”

Yesterday, the ANC in KZN waited for Khoza to arrive for the disciplinary hearing but the MP didn’t show up. The party later announced that the hearing has been moved to September 17.

2 Reasons Why The Hearing Was Postponed

  • Late appointment of Makhosi’s Representative

This is the major reason why the Provincial Disciplinary Committee reluctantly agreed to defer the hearing until next Sunday. According to the ANC in KZN, Khoza’s legal representative, Smanga Sethene was appointed on Saturday evening.

According to the ANC in KZN, Khoza’s legal representative, Smanga Sethene was appointed on Saturday evening. Sethene was reportedly briefed on the same day.

Due to his sudden appointment, the ANC MP’s representative pleaded with the disciplinary committee to postpone the hearing, saying she needs more time to prepare.

“What happened is that her representative came in and said that he was only appointed late last night. This on its own is a contradiction to formal correspondence that Comrade Makhosi had made to the ANC DC.

She indicated that she was in consultation with her representative, but the one who came was only appointed yesterday. So he pleaded for an extension which we believe was logical. The matter has now been adjourned and will be convened on Sunday at 9 o clock,” said ANC KwaZulu-Natal spokesperson Mdumiseni Ntuli confirmed.

  • New Death Threats

A few hours to the meeting, it emerged that Khoza received a new death threat. The threats reportedly came on Saturday.

This explains the reason why the beleagured didn’t attend the disciplinary hearing, which started an hour later than scheduled.

Also, we gathered that Khoza’s effort to have the meeting venue changed failed despite writing to both to the Secretary general of the ANC and the provincial secretary.

Both secretaries dismissed her claims, saying that there were no substantive reasons provided as to why the hearing should not take place in KZN.

Meanwhile, the provincial disciplinary committee said the outspoken MP will be granted an opportunity for a pre-trial sometime during the week.

Khoza is one of the ANC MPs whose lives have been threatened for speaking out publicly against President Jacob Zuma and the ruling party.

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Last month, she was removed from her position as the chairperson of the portfolio committee on public service and administration after five ANC MPs boycotted one of her meetings.

She was recently redeployed from the Public Service and Administration Committee to the Economic Development Oversight Committee in Parliament.