Desperate ANC Using SAFA Vehicles To Campaign In Beaufort West – DA


The Democratic Alliance (DA) party is unhappy about the use of SAFA vehicles in ANC by-election campaign at Beaufort West.

According to the party, it has video and picture evidence of the ANC using SAFA vehicles to carry out its activities around Beaufort West for the upcoming 24th May by-election.

A driver of one of the SAFA vehicles, this weekend, physically scuffled with DA activists who took pictures and videos of them, related Maimane’s party.

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“The ANC is clearly desperate in Beaufort West, and ousted former Mayor, Truman Prince has been at the centre of the more scandalous campaign tactics the ANC has employed.

“No doubt Prince’s affiliation to the recent leadership of SAFA in the region has everything to do with the use of SAFA vehicles in the ANC campaign.

“The use this weekend of vehicles belonging to the South African Football Association by the ANC in Beaufort West, must be condemned as yet another case of ANC abuse of public resources,” DA asserted.

With the foregoing, Jaco Londt MP, the DA East Region chairperson in Western Cape, demanded of the SAFA President, Danny Jordaan to stop the ANC abuse of state property.

“I will write to Jordaan asking him directly to stop this abuse of SAFA vehicles. Get these vehicles back into SAFA control and out of the hands of the ANC.

“Jordaan was recently voted out of government in Nelson Mandela Bay, and the people roundly rejected his opportunism there. He must not allow SAFA or its assets to be used opportunistically by the ANC either,” Londt cautioned.

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Above all, DA stressed that it will not allow the abuse of SAFA property for the ANC’s election campaign.

“SAFA property must be used to develop the sport among our communities, and to develop young soccer talent, not to ferry ANC activists around,” proclaimed the party.