The Problem With Fame: Date My Family’s Mdu Nyoni Loses Himself


Popularity can be a real pain in the butt and Date My Family’s Mdu Nyoni can now attest to that.

After about one month since Date My Family’s Mduduzi Nyoni became an overnight internet sensation, he seems very much overwhelmed by the sudden fame. In fact, this new fame is threatening his daily normal life.

Mdu plunged to fame earlier this year after appearing on the reality TV show. He caused quite a social media frenzy, after Twitter users mocked his ‘British accent’ and life story. As a result, he started trending for all the right and wrong reasons. While some poked fun at the way he presented himself, some others praised him for a lot of other reasons.

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Notwithstanding, the storm on Twitter gradually passed. However the same cannot be said for Mdu’s popularity which has caused havoc in his daily life.

“I can’t go to the garage, I can’t go to the Fourways Farmers’ Market as I usually do. I tried it last weekend and there was a stampede. Sometimes my clients will say, ‘let’s meet up,’ but I can’t do that anymore,” he told Drum magazine.

Mdu even went to the extent of deactivating all his social media accounts. This was after the frenzy he caused last month. Apparently, he can’t handle the life that comes with popularity.

Amidst the turmoil that’s threatening to take over his life, Mdu is most concerned about his family . He didn’t care about the backlash but was concerned about his children.

“I, as Mdu‚ will not be backlashed. Whoever wants to find an opportunity to slash can go ahead. As long as it doesn’t get to my kids‚ then I become protective,” he said at the time.

Date My Family’s Mdu Nyoni became more popular after playing a major role in the love story told in Dr Malinga’s new music video.