#DataMustFall: 30-Day Grace Is Over, Tbo Touch Turns To Plan B


Playing a significant role in the #DataMustFall campaign is outspoken businessman and radio personality Tbo Touch.

The campaign initiated to battle against the high cost of data dominated the social media in September.

Consequently, Touch, on September 15, waged war against the cost of data in South Africa. According to Touch’s post on Twitter at the time, the high data cost in South Africa is a “complete rip-off.”

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Tbo Touch tweeted;

“#DataMustFall Let’s bring the price down. This will enable every student to access textbooks online for those who can’t afford it, stream lectures.”

The DataMustFall hashtag quickly topped the trend list as Touch made a clarion call to data subscribers in the country to protest. He enjoined all to join forces and stand united to bring about a lasting change to this data issue.

In addition, Touch kind of gave telecom companies an ultimatum to effect a change soon or face the wrath of customers. He stated that all networks have just 30 days to make this change. Also, Touch called on the chairman of Icasa to step in and speak for the country.

Subsequently, Touch and his business partner Gareth Cliff took the fight to parliament later in September.

Touch and his business partner Gareth Cliff took their fight to parliament later in September where. The duo pleaded with MPs to heed their call.

There were series of public hearing, with the parties involved bringing forward their petitions. Furthermore, mobile networks also presented their case to the committee.

Nevertheless, there has been no further updates from mobile networks and as a result, Touch has turned to plan B.

Radio personality Tbo Touch on Tuesday morning announced that the 30 day grace period given to mobile networks is over.

Touch further announced that the #DataMustFall committee would meet today on how to launch the “Plan B” of the campaign.

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“30 Days grace period is over. Thanks for your patience, trust us with Plan B. You will have early Christmas #datamustfall not for the faint hearted,” Touch said.

Meanwhile, Touch reminded the companies that as customers have made them rich, they also have the power to make a change.