No More Grand Parties, Dinners And First Class Travels For Tshwane’s Executives


I’m a bad dancer, I’d have invented some cool dance moves for this news. It has always been disheartening to read reports about millions of rand wasted on travels, parties, lunches and dinners.

Such news have always depressed the hope for a better South Africa. It is extensively painful to watch those elected into public offices, wining, dining and partying while hunger, poverty and deprivation slaughter the masses. 

Reports have it that DA’s Tshwane Mayor, Solly Msimanga announced his new administration will be taking drastic actions to cut costs.

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Among other things, Tshwane’s new executive won’t have any inaugural party. Also, all the customary inaugural events, celebratory dinners and lunches won’t happen any more.

Speaking, the new mayor remarked that the new government won’t party with public funds. To him, the only business of the government is to serve the people.

“This new government in Tshwane has stopped the spending of exorbitant amounts on food and parties for politicians. We must serve the people, not party with public funds.”

He stressed that his government won’t waste time on lavish dinners and lunches.

“My focus now is to assess the massive issues we have inherited in Tshwane. There is no time to stop for lavish dinners and lunches.”

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Also, the Mayor indicated that all international travel for officials will only be permitted after they have been subjected to cost-benefit analyses. And, approved by the mayoral committee.

“I have stopped all new international travel requests and we will carefully scrutinize each one individually.”

He acknowledged that there are benefits to international travel for trade and investment. But then, asserted that the culture of taking trips to “conferences and junkets all over the world” will not be allowed under his government.