Dali Mpofu Throws A Hot One At Rapper AKA’s Academic Achievements


Advocate Dali Mpofu took to Twitter on Tuesday to commend the academic achievements of the EEF party leaders.

This was in collaboration with the celebrations of the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) third birthday on Tuesday.

In addition to praising the EFF’s achievements, Dali threw a hot one at AKA’s academic history as well.

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The advocate responded to a Twitter user’s comment about a music group Entity which AKA used to be part of alongside Dali’s son Sizwe. Dali Mpofu indirectly aimed at tagging the rapper’s academic profile as questionable.

Few months ago, spokesman of the EFF Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, fondly called The People’s Bae blatantly condemned the comments made by South African rapper AKA that he would be snubbing offers to perform at the EFF and DA political rallies.

“The ANC is faaaaar from perfect, but I firmly believe it’s the only political party with the credentials and policies to lead our country,” the rapper tweeted.

Now, this may not have anything to do with AKA’s previous war of tweets with EFF’s Julius Malema and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, but it sure looks like it.

“If theres anything I’ll thank @AdvDali_Mpofu for is paying for Entity’s album,” the Twitter user wrote as Dali posted series of celebratory tweets.

The national chairperson of the EFF tweeted in response to the above saying:

“A decisive investment: Look how they all turned out..Sizwe Oxford PhD candidate, Nhlanhla an attorney & AKA..well er..,” he tweeted, leaving room for speculations.

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When the Twitter user further commented, that Sizwe was the best rapper in the group, but following Dali’s insistence that his son must quit Entity and focus on school, they were left with AKA, Dali responded with several laughing emoji and wrote: “Stuff” happens!

Always ready to tackle haters, AKA will surely have something to add to these tweets. So, let’s watch out!