EFF’s Mpofu Weighs In On Mboweni’s Call For ‘Regime Change’ In Zimbabwe


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) national spokesperson Dali Mpofu on Thursday gave former Reserve Bank governor Toto Mboweni a piece of his mind following the latter’s indirect call for regime change in Zimbabwe.

Mpofu weighed in on the thorny issue following Mboweni’s formation of a movement – Zimbabwe Solidarity Movement (ZSM). The former RB governor did not only form the ZSM; he also established the ZSM Fund and donated R10 000.

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Mboweni also appointed the SA Council of Churches and Gift of the Givers to take care of the ZSM fund.

His full statement during the formation of the movement reads:

“On a different matter. It saddens me every day to see destitute Zimbabweans begging on our street corners. Let like-minded people help. Let us create a Zimbabwe Solidarity Movement to help our people. I volunteer to coordinate a solidarity program.

I will instruct my bank to open a ZSM Fund tomorrow will R10,000.00 seed amount. All should follow. For accommodation, food and education. In difficult times, people rely on solidarity. Zimbabweans are desperate. We can help. Corporates who do business in Zimbabwe, all of us!

As gud people [sic], we cannot just pass-by, everyday, as disabled people, blind people, little kids, destitute women,beg for money at the robots. Its time for Solidarity for helpless Zimbabweans! Please join this humanitarian effort. Your are good people! [sic].

I will, tomorrow, request the SA Council of Churches and The Gift of the Givers to manage the funds and Zimbabwean Solidarity Fund project.”

Dali Mpofu Warns Mboweni

Dropping a piece of advice for Mboweni, Dali Mpofu warned him to tread with caution on the matter, lest he becomes a victim and subsequently gets expelled from the ANC.

He reminded the former Reserve Bank governor that similar calls cost “some people” their position when they called for regime change in Botswana some time ago.

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‘Careful Kumkani… “some people” were expelled for allegedly “indirectly” calling for “regime change” in Botswana,” Mpofu warned.

Mpofu was indirectly referring to Malema, who was ousted from the ANCYL after he proposed a regime change in Bostwana.