DA Troubles Bell Pottinger In London: 3 Things The Party Is Demanding


This is the latest development to the revelations about Bell Pottinger being paid by the Gupta to promoted racial hatred in South Africa.

Let’s recap the story so far. It’s believed that President Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane Zuma, as a Gupta employee, procured the services of Bell Pottinger to spread racial hatred in the country.

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Severlay pieces of evidence were found in the leaked Gupta emails. For instance, it was discovered that Bell Pottinger was behind the ANC Youth League Leader, Collins Maine speech which was delivered with the quote below:

“…Those who want to disrupt the State of the Nation speech must prepare themselves for a civil war.”

Another email exposed that Bell Pottinger’s Financial and Corporate Partner, Victoria Geoghegan, met with Duduzane Zuma, to strategize a campaign aimed at marketing a “narrative that grabs the attention of the grassroots population who must identify with it, connect with it and feel united by it”.

Follow the revelations, DA lodge formal complaints against Bell Pottinger. Afterwards, the company issued an apology and dismissed employees who executed the racial campaign.

DA welcomed the action but asserted that it wasn’t enough.

Now, it has emerged that the party will hold a picket outside Bell Pottinger’s offices in London. DA will hand a memorandum of demands to the company. DA will demand that the company:

  1. Make public any and all communication and contracts pertaining to the work they did for the Guptas;
  2. Declare all funds received for services rendered to the Guptas and the ANC; and
  3. To invest these funds in building schools or donations to NGOs.

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The party urged all South Africans in London to join them protest against the damaging propaganda campaign Bell Pottinger launched in South Africa for the benefit of the Guptas and the Zumas.

“For an international PR agency to sow racial divisions in a country still grappling with a very painful past, for the sole benefit of a corrupt few, is simply unethical,” DA asserted.