DA Says ANC Plans To Force South Africans To Pay For Nkandla Again


ANC’s strong opposition party, the DA, has accused the party of making plans to force South Africans to pay up the monies President Zuma used for developing his home in  Nkandla.

Recalling the apex court’s ruling on this matter, the DA national spokesperson Refiloe Nt’sekhe said on Monday that the court ruling that president Zuma must personally pay off  the monies he used for his home  as determined by the National treasury  was still binding but that ANC’s decision to help Zuma pay the money is suspicious.

Last month, ANC’s Premier David Mabuza revealed the party’s decision to foot the bills used for Zuma’s home  as a way of supporting him. He said the party would help Zuma  not because there’s nothing wrong that has been done, but for the confusion that may have been caused.

“We are neither confused nor ashamed. As about the ANC stalwarts whom we respect a lot calling for the president to step down, we respect their views . but we call on them to allow us to deal with this matter,” Mabuza reportedly stated.

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But speaking in reaction to the ANC’s decision, DA’s Nt’sekhe said:“If Jacob Zuma was serious about abiding by the court judgment‚ and wanted to show South Africa that he wanted to make up for what is now one of the greatest corruption scandals of a democratic South Africa‚ he would tell those ‘loyalists’ that he will pay back the money himself and not to indirectly force south Africans to pay again‚”

Nt’sekhe further added that Zuma is silent because he has shown time and time again that he doesn’t care about the people of South Africa. “Its Number One first‚ and the people last‚” she said.

“The ANC leadership will remain silent too while they take from the poor to give back to the rich‚ connected few. Because they too‚ when provided with an opportunity to hold Zuma accountable‚ have done nothing.”

According to her, the actions taken by the ANC has proved that the party is no longer interested in the welfare of the masses and for constitutional justice.

“The ANC had changed. Instead of fighting for justice‚ it was now more concerned about how to force South Africans  and ANC members to help pay for a presidential palace‚”

“It is time that this conduct‚ which facilitates corruption‚ is brought to an end‚” she added.

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The national treasury has been mandated to come up with an agreed sum which it believe was spent on Zuma’s Nkandla and the treasury is yet to come up with an agreed sum.

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