DA Member Of Parliament To Appear In Court For Destroying Relevant Evidence Connected To Her Case


Former prosecutor now a Democratic Alliance member of parliament is expected to appear in court for allegedly contravening the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) Act. The body [NPA] said that the politician would definitely appear in court following charges of obstruction and defeating ends of justice. In 2012 Glynnis Breytenbach was internally investigated by NPA for misconduct.

In 2013, she was cleared of some 15 charges. She was later transferred from her post as regional head of the specialized commercial crimes unit. Afterwards, she joined the DA and became the party’s Justice spokesperson.

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Glynnis Breytenbach was a former prosecutor with the National Prosecuting Authority. She is expected to appear in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court today along with her lawyer Gerhard Wagenaar for defeating the ends of justice in terms of section 40 (d) of the NPA Act. The charges were brought against her on Friday.

Speaking, ANC Parliamentary Chief Whip spokesperson Moloto Mothapo said, “Breytenbach has been under a cloud since her time at the NPA and as matters stand, she now has a case to answer in Court regarding her alleged misconduct while at the NPA.”

Buzzsouthafrica gathered that NPA spokesperson Luvuyo Mfaku told News24 that Breytenbach and her lawyer Gerhard Wagenaar refused to hand over her laptop, which was believed to contain evidence related to the case.

Also, the ANC has called on the Democratic Alliance (DA) to suspend Member of Parliament (MP) and former prosecutor Glynnis Breytenbach after the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said it has laid charges against her.

Reacting, the DA said Wagenaar will not be suspended, as those who called for her suspension had a politically driven motive against her. However, countering DA’s notion that Wagennar allegation was political in nature, Mothapo said,

“The charges that have been leveled against her by the NPA are very serious and it will be indefensible and undesirable to have somebody who is facing such serious criminal charges occupying the position of a Member of Parliament.

“The NPA is an independent institution and it determines its decisions solely on the basis of sound evidence before it and the probability of successful prosecution, not petty political considerations.

“Having been under a cloud for some time now, Breytenbach, along with her party, should welcome the charges as a valuable opportunity to clear her name before a neutral Court if she is not guilty as she claims. The law must be allowed to take its course. No one, Breytenbach included, is above the law,” he said.

Alex Mashilo, who is South African Communist Party (SACP) spokesperson maintained that  Breytenbach should dance to the music tune played by the NPA.

“It is time that Glynnis Breytenbach is held accountable, now that the NPA is satisfied with its assessment of the case,” said Mashilo.

Meanwhile, ANC’s Moloto Mothapo has warned the DA not to develop cold feet on the matter. Hence, they should practice what they preach to others. ”

“As the authority with autonomous powers to decide whether to prosecute or not on the basis of the strength of evidence before it, it is improbable that the NPA would take such a decision against Breytenbach lightly,”  said Mothapo.

It would be recalled that before her resignation, national director of public prosecutions Mxolisi Nzaxana received a draft report accusing Breytenbach of fraud and corruption. She was also accused of attempting to influence cases relating to friends.

As at the time of this report, Breytenbach has been escorted from the Pretoria Central cells to the nearby court. She handed herself over for arrest earlier in the day. Also, DA supporters were seen protesting outside the court.

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