DA Is An Unprincipled, Opportunistic And Hypocritical Party – ANC


South Africa’s ruling party said it’s been proven again that the DA is an unprincipled, opportunistic and hypocritical party.

ANC’s out-lash follows reports that Maimane’s party suspended 5 of its Councillors from caucus activity in the City of Cape Town.

As learnt, the suspension is related to allegations that the 5 Councillors ignored the party directive in the election of a sub-council chairperson in Kraaifontein. Essentially, the Councillors voted for a different candidate against the one preferred by their party.

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Noting the incident, ANC asserted that it demonstrates the moral and political opportunism of the DA. ANC said:

“They advance an argument about a ‘conscience vote’ in national parliament against the ANC when they can’t observe the same framework.

Whereas the ANC appreciates and asserts that our parliamentary framework requires for Members of Parliament to approach matters of the House from the party-line, the DA has made noise about the need for MPs to defy instructions of their party.

This they say in their continuous but useless bid to have the President of the Republic removed through a Vote of No Confidence, foolishly goading ANC MPs to lead a mutiny against their own leadership and mandate.”

With the above, ANC proclaimed that the suspension of the 5 Councillors in the City of Cape Town proves that the DA is an unprincipled party.

“They opportunistically assert one political perspective in public regarding the operations of national parliament whilst doing its direct opposite in other legislative spheres,” added the ruling party.

In a separate statement, ANC called on its alliance partners to reinforce a strategic work of fostering unity among ANC structures.

That was after the party wailed about “an unfortunate trend amongst COSATU affiliates to make pronouncements, directly and indirectly, on matters of leadership elections of the ANC in its upcoming 54th National Conference.”

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The party implored COSATU leadership to reign on their affiliates and assert an understanding that the succession debate of the ANC will be led by the ANC at a moment organizationally determined by the ANC.