DA Prepares To Take Tshwane Welcomes Over 100 ANC Members


BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that over 100 ANC members in Soshanguve, Tshwane rejected the ruling party to embrace opposition party – DA.

Mmusi Maimane, the Federal and Parliamentary leader of the Democratic Alliance party welcomed the ANC members to the DA.

He warned the new members about being named ‘puppets’ and ‘sell-outs’ for crossing-over to the DA. But then, admonished them not to succumb to the intimidation that usually comes with leaving the ANC.

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“They’ll lie to you and tell you that the DA will take away your social grants,” he said.

“All of this is nonsense. Pure lies peddled by the corrupt so that they can use you to carry on with their corruption. I want to encourage you for being brave and for doing the right thing,” Maimane charged.

Maimane told the gathering that any party advocating the politic of race is unfit to lead South Africa. He argued that the country is diverse and pointed out that the Constitution called for a united South Africa.

He said: “While Zuma’s ANC want to tell you where you can and cannot vote. Black this side, white that side, the Constitution says that we are one nation. United in our diversity and dedicated to helping and supporting each other.

Our job is to honor the Constitution and advance the rights it gives us. The ANC clearly want to do the opposite. And that’s because they simply don’t believe in the Constitution any longer.”

Nelson Mandela’s Dream For SA

With that, Maimane called on South Africans to fight and attain Nelson Mandela’s dream. He lectured that Madiba’s dream was about engendering a constitutional democracy founded on the values of human dignity, equality and non-racialism.

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“It warms my heart to witness democracy in action. I am thrilled that we today welcome over 100 community members and leaders, and former ANC supporters, from Soshanguve into the DA family.

Residents of Soshanguve have had enough of the ANC and its cheap politics. Its corruption and its lack of care…Voters across South Africa are saying like these residents of Soshanguve today, that they want to join the DA’s family…,” remarked the DA leader.