More Loss For ANC, DA And KGI Unites To Butt-Out ANC From Central Karoo Region


The Democratic Alliance (DA) party has given ANC another injury to nurse.

The party via it’s coalition arrangement with Karoo Gemeenskap Inisiatief (KGI) has secured four more municipalities, thereby, eradicating ANC’s governance in central Karoo region.

At a press briefing to announce the Central Karoo coalition agreements, DA appreciated the support they received from voters in Western Cape.

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“We assure those who came out to support us that we will work hard to honour the confidence that they have shown in us. We will work together to govern in the interest of excellent service delivery and job-creation. We are all in agreement that it is time to make progress in the central Karoo region,” stated the party.

With that, the DA disclosed that they’re entering into coalition agreements in Prince Albert, Laingsburg, Beaufort West and the Central Karoo District Municipality.

Speaking, DA Western Cape Leader Patricia de Lille said: “the four parties represented here today have amongst ourselves reached an agreement around how we will govern these municipalities going forward.

The agreement is as follows:

  • In Prince Albert, the Mayoral position will be occupied by Goliath Lottering from the KGP with the Deputy Mayor and Speaker being from the DA.
  • In Laingsburg the Mayor will be Aubrey Marthinus from the KOP with the Deputy Mayor and Speaker being from the DA.
  • In Beaufort West, the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the Speaker will be from the DA, the Mayoral position will be held by Djorge Malooi.
  • In the Central Karoo District Municipality, the Mayor will be Noel Constable from the KDF, the Deputy Mayor and Speaker will be from KGP and the member of the Mayoral Committee being from the DA.”

From the foregoing, DA asserted that the local government election was a historic one.

“This agreement bears equal historic significance. It marks the end of ANC corruption in the central Karoo region. Truman’s ANC is no more. Job-killing ANC corruption is now a thing of the past.”

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Above all, the DA vowed to work with its partners and communities to rebuild the municipalities and deliver better services that will grow businesses and create jobs.