Cape Town Unveils Another All-Women Road Repair Team


Cape Town city has announced the appointment of its fourth all-women road repair team in Heideveld. Speaking about the new team, the city’s mayoral committee member for transport for Cape Town, Councillor Brett Herron, said the all-female road repair team, consists of six women from Gugulethu and Heideveld and forms part of the Women at Work Programme.

The Women at Work initiative is a gender transformation programme within Transport Cape Town. It is imperative to note that the brilliant programme forms part of the City’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) and is nestled within Transport for Cape Town (TCT) while the team is based at TCT’s Heideveld depot.

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Deployment of The All-Women Road Repair Team

According to Herron, the all-women work team is expected to fix potholes and do maintenance work on footways and storm water pipes in their suburb in Heideveld community. Also, the team is expected to be deployed in Heideveld, Manenberg, Tambo Village, Athlone, Surrey Estate and the areas next to Jakes Gerwel Drive.

He expressed happiness that the city’s Women at Work programme was creating a positive impact in communities and had been nominated for the fourth annual Women in Construction Awards in the category for the most innovative women’s programme.

Herron however prayed that the all-women road repair team programme be “recognised on a national level as one of the most advanced and game-changing gender transformation projects in the country”.

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He added that since the programme started, a total of 24 women had benefitted from it and the lucky women would exit the programme in June. The mayoral committee member also said that the next step would be to “establish 10 all-female road repair teams accommodating another 60 women in the next financial year”.

Herron added that the selected women were employed for 10 months, a period during which they developed and mastered skills that would help them to be better equipped to find placement in the permanent job market.

He stated that the city has worked hard in tackling gender transformation in the transport realm, “as women are generally under-represented in the transport sector”.