Coup Plot Case Manufactured By Zuma Camp To Divert Attention – COPE


According to the Congress of the People (COPE), the coup plot case is a World Disney story manufactured by the Zuma camp to divert attention from the real issue which is; Zuma ruining South Africa.

You’ll recall BuzzSouthAfrica reported last week that the Hawks (Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation) arrested a coup plotter planning to assassinate state capture beneficiaries.

The coup plotter, who was later identified as Elvis Ramosebudi, appeared before the Johannesburg Magistrates Court today. At the court, the prominent charge against him, which was a conspiracy to commit murder, was changed to incitement to commit murder.

This happened because the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) admitted that there is no evidence about planning a coup.

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Now, COPE is upholding that the coup plot case is a diversion from the real issue troubling South Africa. The party is suspecting something very strange and questionable in the case against Elvis Ramosebudi.

The suspicion COPE said, is because it isn’t sensible “to have one person plotting a coup and being so careless and substandard about his plans.”

Having said that, the party said:

“COPE is asking questions because it smells a rat. It is not a secret that the very list of those to be assassinated is a mixed bag of warring parties.

Why would one want to assassinate Ms Vytjie Mentoor and Adv. Thuli Madonsela who are not in power and call that a coup?”

Noting that it’s now well-known that Mr Zuma reshuffled Cabinet based on a so-called Intelligence Report that Mr Pravin Gordhan, Mr Mcebisi Jonas and Mr Lungisa Fuzile went abroad to conspire and topple his government, COPE added thus:

“It is not far-fetched for a reasonable person to link the case of Ramosebudi to the said Intelligence Report. The Zuma supporters within government are well aware that there was no truth in the said Intelligence Report.

The case against Ramosebudi is a cunning plot on their part to give legitimacy to the said Intelligence Report.

COPE is very much disturbed that Zuma and his supporters can be so desperate as to come up World Disney stories to secure their positions at all cost.”

COPE further pointed out that the Minister of State Security, Mr David Mahlobo, denied any knowledge of the Intelligence Report which according to Zuma, inspired his reshuffling of Cabinet.

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With that, the party indicated that the Intelligence Agencies of the country ought to be the first to know about such a serious matter as a planned coup against the government.

“David Mahlobo is quiet. Instead, the Hawks are taking the lead. COPE is more than ever convinced that the people of South Africa will never be fooled by this desperate government of Zuma.

“The leadership of Zuma has become toxic to the country and therefore Zuma must go as a matter of urgency, which is the issue,” the party charged.