Just Like South Africa: Ten Countries Where Weed Is Legal or Tolerated


At least, now someone somewhere in Jo’burg can sit on his balcony, wrap his dagga, light it up, take a long smoke in, then exhale gradually without any care in the world or fear. After all, South Africa has joined countries where weed is legal, even if it means in just your home.

Some people may as well feel they are in the greatest country on earth immediately after the Court okayed the use of Dagga in private homes. What they don’t know is that there are some countries that can’t even remember when it was illegal to use the drug.

Although most people may be very quick to drag themselves into thinking it has been allowed in different countries for recreational or as many would prefer to call it, highness purposes, that will be far from the truth. In fact, most countries have allowed it for medical purposes.

Others like India tolerate it for cultural and religious reasons. Jamaica is another country that has come to tolerate it for religious reasons. There are some that have only come to tolerate it because the law is too weak to stop its use.

BuzzSouthAfrica takes a look at 10 countries where weed is legal:

1. Cambodia

Extreme happy" Cambodian pizza
“Extreme happy” Cambodian pizza

Cannabis is not only common in Cambodia, it is mostly tolerated. In fact, it is very easy to access and most people smoke it freely in public. You may get it sold in some restaurants or other such places if you are able to indicate that you want what you are ordering for to be happy. Happy is the buzz word. It can be mildly happy or extremely happy.

Another thing you may not know is that in the country, people use weed in everything including pizza, food, and drink. That is apart from smoking and eating the leaves either dried or otherwise.

2. Canada

In theory or should I say in papers, weed is legal in Canada only for medical purposes. What is obtainable is completely different. You could light up your stuff and puff off as you sing your way down any highway, and no one would even notice you.

That was as early as late 2016 and the beginning of 2017. In march, however, the police is beginning to take some actions against the use. Nevertheless, it is expected that soon enough it would be legalized.

3. Germany

Weed in Germany

Cannabis is somewhat popular in Germany, even though it is of recent that it has been made legal for medicinal purposes.  More to the law is that it has made it easy for people with health issues such as chronic pain, serious appetite loss or nausea as a result of chemotherapy, or other things to get doctors’ prescription for cannabis.

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It used to be easy for individuals to farm the weed, but the government is beginning to take a part in the farming, meaning it will be hard for others to take part.

4. India

At the federal level in India, weed is not allowed. Known as ganja, it is either completely legal or mostly tolerated in some states.  Such states include Gujarat, Bihar, Tripura, and the North East.

It gets interesting to know that there are government authorized areas where it is sold as Bhang. this has been a part of the culture and spiritual lives of the people. The Bhang is prepared with cannabis and is either edible or put in drinks.

Attempts are made by people to allow for its passage in the entire country.

5. Jamaica

Most people easily associate weed or ganja to Jamaica, but what they don’t know is that the country is not the freest when it comes to freedom of the use of the drug. The country fully allows for the cultivation, but it has some limitations to the use and distribution.

More so, it is only as recent as 2015 that the law prohibiting it is relaxed. With the law, individuals are not only allowed to cultivate for medical use but are also allowed to be in possession of up to 5 plants.

The efforts at legalizing it in Jamaica was as a result of medical purposes as well as religious reasons, mostly among those who practice the Rastafarian religion, which sees cannabis as a “holy herb.” Among members of the Rastafarian religion, marijuana is smoked as a religious function regularly.

Rastafari religion explained by a member

6. Spain

Among countries where weed is legal, Spain has a rather interesting case. The country does not allow for its use, but there are legal clubs where individuals can go and have some undisturbed smoking time.

Because of how decentralized the country is, different areas have different laws, so some people get to have a free run with it. For example in places like Catalonia, cannabis is so popular that there are hundreds of marijuana clubs that are very active. This is to a point where the cannabis economy in the Barcelona’s capital city is massive.

If you think it is one of the most friendly countries in Europe when it comes to marijuana, you may as well be very right.

7. United States

Were you thinking America was the country where cannabis was most popular? Maybe you are not right. In fact, under the American federal law, and in some places, it is a crime. In others, however, the use, possession, and distribution is not a crime both for individual, medical, and industrial use.

Due to state laws, you can access cannabis in the states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada and Washington, both medical and recreational use. More so, it is legal in Washington.

8. Puerto Rico

This country may not be the best if what you want is where you can walk down the streets wearing your headphones and red, green, and black hat as you smoke your pot. You will be arrested in no time.

Nevertheless, you are allowed to cultivate, possess, and sell for medical use only. And the country is serious about that.

The last attempt at decriminalizing it failed woefully in 2013.

9. Czech Republic

Here you will easily find people smoke their weed in public, but don’t be fooled, it is not legal, and you can be fined for it if you are caught by the police. It is mostly tolerated, though.

The country only allows possession of up to of up to 15g, and distribution for medical purposes. Also, you are allowed to cultivate up to 5 bushes.

10. Uruguay

If the question ever comes to pick the first countries to make marijuana legal, your answer is simple; Uruguay. In 2013, even before most countries thought of it, the country allowed for the cultivation, use, and sale of marijuana.

The country has around 1,200 pharmacies that have been registered to sell cannabis. Like in Spain, it also allows for marijuana clubs, and it has an institution (IRCA) for the control and regulation of the drugs.

The irony,  though, is that the use of the drug in the country is not as wide as you would find in some other countries.

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