Council Of Churches Demands That Abathembu King Dalindyebo Be Freed


Council of Churches want Abathembu King Dalindyebo, the “lawful captive delivered”, and would demand of the Parliament to set him free from his 12-year jail term.

The Parliament will soon get a petition from the Council of Churches South Africa International to free Abathembu King Dalindyebo from prison because they believe the happenings surrounding his incarceration was politically motivated, SABC reports.

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As reported, the president of the Council – Archbishop Mbulelo Mvubu said they will hand over the petition for the King to regain his freedom as soon as possible.

Speaking, Mvubu related that the Council of Churches “believe that it is a political agenda and not a criminal act that the jailed king is incarcerated for.

If he had committed the crime as alleged, he was not alone and why was the king charged alone, where have you heard of one committing a crime of abduction, arson and as well as culpable homicide.

There should have been accessories to crime, there should have been other people involved. Where are those people, why (are they) not charged alongside with the king,” Mvubu argued.

Even the King believes he shouldn’t have been sent to prison. When he was about to start his days behind bars, he remarked thus – “as a king i’m not suppose to go to jail…their aim is to humiliate me more than… to punish me.”

BuzzSouthAfrica reported yesterday that the King’s family will soon be destitute of money as they do not know how to survive after the government pulled the plug on the salary of their bread-winner, King Dalindyebo who had been receiving his salary until last month.

With that, the national executive committee of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of SA filled an urgent application at the Western Cape High Court to challenge National Prosecuting Authority’s authority to charge traditional leaders who execute their duties.

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