Blessers War: ‘Leave Our Sisters Alone’ COSAS Warns


‘Woe betide you’ if you are caught ‘blessing’ female students in KwaZulu Natal beginning from next month, says the Congress of South African Students Kwa-Zulu Natal (COSAS KZN).

In what appears to be a rude awakening among them, they have risen to ward off ‘blessers’ from the province, in order to save their future and health.

The organisation announced on Tuesday that it will be starting a campaign to educate the pupils in the province not to be lured by flashy lifestyles thrown at them by older men in return for sex.

COSAS KZN Declares War On Blessers

The congress also said it has declared war on “blessers” (or sugar daddies) who consciously target girls and abandon them with different sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) after having their way.

Speaking further, Cosas KZN chairman, Siyabonga Phakathi, said, “We’re launching this campaign next month to coincide with Youth Month.

The message we’re sending is clear, we want sugar daddies and so-called blessers to leave our sisters alone. They’re still young and must date people their age.

These ‘blessers’ target poor girls and then infect them with HIV before they jump over to the next [poor girl] and spread the disease. When the girls come back to their peers, they are already carrying the virus and in turn infect boys their age,” he said.

It is pertinent to note that apart from Reach for a Dream – a programme sponsored by the US President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief; the Nike Foundation, Global Fund and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are also organizations that have risen to contend with ‘blessers’ across the country – whose influences have left many young girls devastated.

Meanwhile, Phakathi revealed that the student body is partnering with the Treatment Action Campaign and faith-based organisations in the war against sugar daddies.

Also, Kwa-Zulu Natal provincial health department recently announced that it received R44-million fund to be used in campaigns against sugar daddies or “blessers”.

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In South Africa, “Blessers” are new breed of sugar daddies, this time including wealthy younger men who, like older men, use money to lure young women to bed.

Their victims are mostly female students and unemployed youths.

In conclusion, now that the battle line is drawn, in my opinion, I would advise ladies to watch out for these men and at the same queue up for this ‘uneasy’ fight.

Parents are also advised to always keep an eye on their daughters ‘in order not to step out of boundaries’ (if you understand what I mean).