Troubled Mugabe Lobbies Church With Land To Support His Life Presidency Ambition


President Robert Mugabe has embraced the church for divine intervention, support and votes as pressure intensifies from both within his Zanu-PF party and opposition parties to get rid of him and his influence on the nation ahead of the 2018 elections.

According to NEWSDAY’s report, the old president of Zimbabwe ran to the church to get aid following a bitter factional fight in his Zanu PF party and unrelenting quest from opposing parties determined to end his ambition of life presidency.

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The ancient leader as reported, “dangled a carrot to Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa church members, offering them additional land for expansion of the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (Zegu) and ‘wrote off’ the $2 million the educational institution owes to Bindura Municipality in order to gain their support.

Speaking, Mugabe referred to the political struggles and lamented that Zimbabwe has lost her moral values. “We are losing our morals and things are getting worse. Archbishop Guti, you should pray for our moral revival,” he pleaded with the leader of the church.

Thereafter, he offered to give more land to the church for their activities and instructed them not to pay for the land where Zegu main campus is, disregarding that the ownership of the land is being contested.

“You are not going to pay that money. You have already paid by your prayers. You will not pay even a cent. You fought for this country with prayer, while us, the liberators, used our hands to fight for the land.

We fought for land, this is the land that we fought for…No one will remove you from this land. You are not going to pay anything…we are giving you free of charge.

…The piece of land is small, be free to approach us when you need more land to expand your activities…if you want some more, to build some more faculties like mining and agriculture, we will give you some more,” pledged Mugabe.

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