Cope Accuses The DA Of Possible Alliance With ANC In The NA


The congress of the People (Cope) has raised an eyebrow at how the Democratic Alliance aligns itself with the ANC to accuse the EFF of infiltrating the NA with Malema’s personal guards on Tuesday.

EFF’s members of the parliament were on Wednesday, suspended after violence erupted between party members and NA guards when parliamentary protection services were called in to remove them during a session with President Jacob Zuma.

The suspicion erupted when the African National Congress (ANC) chief whip Jackson Mthembu accused Malema’s private security team of entering the parliament with the Sergeant-at-Arms during Tuesday’s fractious session. This was after the EFF claimed the two men who came to specifically remove the CIC (commander-in-chief) Julius Malema are not members of the Protection Service‚ but Zuma’s bodyguards.

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The DA on the other hand, supported claims by the ANC by saying it received reports that “two of the so-called white shirts in the National Assembly…were in fact Julius Malema’s personal bodyguards posing as members of parliamentary protection services”.

The supportive claims by the  DA raised lots of dusts and Cope demanded clarification whether the official opposition party was “playing along with the ANC in Parly?”

“Up to now‚ the DA has quite correctly been arguing that security personnel employed by NA should have clear name tags to enable them to be properly identified‚” said Cope’s Dennis Bloem.

“As the speaker has not taken this very necessary and essential step to oblige‚ how is the DA so certain about Julius Malema’s bodyguard also entering the chamber and becoming involved in the melee?”

“Participating in parliamentary business would “be interpreted as playing along with the ANC and accepting their version that the judgment was only a little slap on the wrist requiring no remedial action”

Bloem went on to say that Cope temporarily withdrew from parliamentary proceedings in order to study legal avenues for ascertaining what the ConCourt judgment against President Zuma.

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Cope and the and EFF “are therefore demanding consequences for Mr Zuma” on his actions on the remedial actions set down in the public protector’s report on spending on Nlandla.

“With the situation as untenable as it is‚ we are surprised that the DA is playing along with the ANC and helping to make a mockery of the ConCourt judgment in the process‚” said Bloem