Video: Comedian Skhumba Pokes Fun At Wits Naked Female Protesters


The latest #FeesMustFall movement took a rather strange turn on Tuesday when three Wits students decided to stop the attack on fellow students by baring their breasts for all to see. The footage quickly went viral and this did not go down well with comedian Skhumba.

Seeing that the #FeesMustFall protests had resulted to police brutality, the students resorted to naked protests to quench the fire. With no tops and bras, they paraded themselves shouting “cease fire!” Their action quickly garnered comments on the social media with comedian Skhumba going on to body-shame the half-naked demonstrators. He poked fun at them, urging that they should keep their tops on because their “boobs are hanging”.

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The comedian took to Instagram to say that while he identifies with #FeesMustFall protests, he found it distasteful that some women had to show their breasts during the recent demonstration.

in a short clip in Zulu, he pointed out that the boobs which were on display were not looking nice at all.

“Please don’t show your boobs. When a boob shows, it should like a tennis (ball).”

“These females are showing hanging boobs that look like wet all-stars without shoe laces. Others have big tummies with silver stripes,” he went on to say.

He was particularly angered by the fact that the topless students look like ‘grannies’ with those hanging boobs. He also questioned the type of people that go to Wits, likening the institution to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

“A student with a silver stripe?” he asked.

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“With boobs hanging all the way to the belly. Please put your clothes on,” he added.

The police have reportedly tried to disperse the demonstrators with rubber bullets; stun grenades and tear gas.