Coffin Assault: Watch As Dr Malinga Tells Politicians To Call Off The Charade


Dr. Malinga has added his voice to the coffin assault case that has dominated the headlines since this week.

Thus, in a video he posted on Instagram, he is seen pleading with political parties in the country to steer clear and stop claiming the victim in the case.

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On Wednesday, members of the African National Congress (ANC)‚ Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) gathered outside the Middelburg Magistrate Court, where two white farmers faced trial for assaulting and putting a black man  in a coffin.

Particularly, Dr. Malinga is not happy with the way political parties are parading themselves as victims. He pleaded that instead of “claiming” victims, they should unite and fight racism.

“It doesn’t sit well… What I hate about this issue is that political parties start claiming that this guy belongs to this party and this ward. Please, guys, let’s not fight. Let’s fight racism,” he said in a portion of the video.

Watch Malinga lambaste political parties over coffin assault case;

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance party reacted to the incident saying;


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“The DA came out in our numbers, in support of Victor Rethabile Mlotshwa who is the victim of (the) horrific racial attack.”

On the other hand, EFF maintained that the humiliation of Mlotshwa can be based on nothing else but his blackness. That, it said, “… it is in actual fact a humiliation of black people as a whole.”

Reliving his ordeal at the hands of the white men, Mlotshwa explained that the men accused him of trespassing on their farm. As a result, they started beating him up and the rest is quite unimaginable.

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“There was a footpath there and I decided to use it. They accused me of trespassing their farm and they started beating me up. The next thing, there was a grave and then a coffin. There was nothing I could do because the other man had a gun. They beat me up, tied me and put me into a coffin, I was scared for my life.”

The case was postponed to January 25, while the accused persons remain in custody.