Catholic Priest – Fr. Charles Prince Attacked By Thugs At The Mission


A Catholic priest is fighting for his life after he was attacked during a break-in at his parish in Langa. Reports say that Fr. Charles Prince was already fast asleep when the burglars stormed into the mission house on Ndabeni Street and attacked him.

The robbers entered the church compound by jumping over the fence of St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church, and later entered the main building through the ceiling. Church members say the hoodlums ransacked the whole church and even helped themselves to the wine used for Holy Communion during masses.

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They were also going to steal the gold tabernacle, but found out  it was too heavy for them to carry so they left it.

Like that was not enough, the criminals then broke down the door to the mission house, where Fr. Charles Prince was sleeping, and physically assaulted the anointed man of God before making away with his laptop.


An anonymous member of the church, says worshipers at the mission have been left shocked by the attack on Fr. Charles Prince.

“Police are dealing with the matter,” said the man.

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“What we know for now is that there was a robbery and our priest was attacked.

“He sustained stab wounds to the head and nose.

“The robbers had ransacked the church before breaking down the door to gain entry to the priest’s mission house.

“The criminals even tried to steal the tabernacle, but it was too heavy for them. But we are happy that our priest survived the attack.

“We have never experienced this kind of incident where priests are attacked,” he adds.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut confirmed that “A case of robbery is being investigated. But, “no arrest has been made yet.”

This shocking incident makes one wonder if the perpetrators are humans who really want to make heaven at last.