Cassper’s Tito Mboweni: Check Out The Music Video’s Milestone In 4 Days


When rapper Cassper’s Tito Mboweni music video dropped, it literally shut down the speculation that it would be a total waste of time and money.

Notwithstanding the rumours going round, the music video is a hit with fans. In fact, within a few days of its release, a milestone is already being celebrated.

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Taking to Twitter on Tuesday night, the rapper announced that the video had reached 600 000 views on YouTube just four days after dropping.

While celebrating the milestone, Cassper has a new goal – He aims to reach one million views in a week.

“600 000 views in 4 days!!!! Can we get it to a million in the next 3 days???” the rapper tweeted.

Apparently, he’s inviting his fans to do what they do best and make it happen.

The visuals for the track were on point as the video features the likes of Queen Twerk, a social media sensation who topped the trends list last year after a video of her and her boyfriend in an intimate moment went viral.

In addition, Nadia Nakai, Carpo More and Riky Rick also appeared in the video. Of course, the visuals wouldn’t be complete without the flashy cars, mansions, expensive booze and bundles of cash.

Watch Cassper’s Tito Mboweni music video here;

While fans celebrated the video which many including iFani rated with a thumbs up, the musician had to eat the proverbial humble pie for initially dissing the track. Notably, iFani was spotted on Twitter telling a follower not to download the track because it’s whack.

“Please don’t waste money on that song, my King On to the next one,” he told the follower.

The singer who claims to be one Cassper’s fans added that the rapper should not bother shooting a music video as it would be a waste of money.

Subsequently, Twitter dragged him on the streets for that comment when the video dropped and it was confirmed dope.

Meanwhile, there’s no doubt fans loved the video, but what got them going gaga wasn’t the flashy cars and money, it was a certain flawless bum on display.

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Nadia Nakai stole Cassper’s thunder in the video by becoming the center of attraction. Oh, wait. It was actually her booty that did the stealing.

Since the music video was released, Twitter couldn’t stop praising the female rapper’s ass…ets

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