5 Times Cassper’s FNB Stadium Concert Made History


On Saturday night, December 2, 2017, Cassper’s FNB Stadium concert raised the bars a bit higher in the history of shows in the entertainment industry.

While he didn’t really fill FNB stadium to capacity, with a target of 75 000, the local rapper managed to sell about 68 000 tickets. If the visuals from last weekend’s show are anything to go, it’s quite safe to say that Cassper’s Fill up FNB Stadium was a huge success.

The 28-year-old set out to triple his audience from his first ‘fill up concert’ by filling up Africa’s largest stadium and he came very close to achieving that. For the third year running, Cassper Nyovest has proven that South African artists have everything it takes to get things done just as their famous international counterparts.

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Just a few months ago, the rapper had neither sponsorship nor funding for the event, and it almost seemed as if it would never happen. Notwithstanding, its a different story today.

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Here are ways Cassper’s FNB Stadium concert made history

  • After his much-anticipated FNB Stadium show, Cassper Nyovest officially became the first South African hip-hop artist to ever hold a concert at the aforementioned venue and receive such an electrifying turn out. No rapper or rap group has gathered such a huge number of concertgoers before. In fact, the only group to trump Cassper would be Irish rock band U2, which sold over 90 000 tickets when they performed at the venue in 2011.
  • Cassper went from selling out all the golden circle tickets to bringing in a crowd large enough to literally fill out the stadium. In addition to filling the golden circle to capacity, by 21:00 the other seating areas had a significant amount of concertgoers. Besides, the number of people who were outside the arena and could not get in as gates were already closed can fill up a small venue on their own.
  • Don’t even get started about the stage which was lit, not that we were surprised. The stage design was incredible and fans were there were in awe of the whole setup. Moreover, the rapper had promised to bring his A-game to the stage design. Apparently, the two giant lion figures on either side of the stage were Cassper Nyovest making good on his promise to bring Mufasa to the crowds.

Cassper's FNB Stadium ConcertCassper's FNB Stadium Concert

  • Cassper’s FNB concert more than tripled his numbers from the first Fill Up campaign. In 2015, Cassper pulled off his first fill-up-show by filling up The Dome. Three years later, he’s getting three times that number in one night. It’s also an improvement by about 26 000 from last year’s Fill Up Orlando Stadium concert.
  • Cassper’s FNB Stadium concert got Standard Bank to sponsor an event held at a venue bearing the name of a competitor. Since FNB would not sponsor Cassper Nyovest, Standard Bank stepped in and became of the concert’s biggest sponsors. This is apparently remarkable because Standard Bank took up the sponsorship role regardless of the branding of a competitor, FNB, all over the official event including the name of the venue.