Cassper Once Again Professes Undying Love For Boity


Several months after their split, Cassper has once again professed his undying love for his ex-girlfriend Boity Thulo.

Cassper Nyovest still maintains that boity deserves someone better than him but he will always cherish and love her.

Cassper and Boity were one of the country’s favourite couples until few months ago when they decided it was over. The split was mostly blamed on the hectic schedules of the pair.

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During a Twitter Q&A on Monday, Cassper reflected on his relationship with Boity, acknowledging that she deserved better. Even more interesting is the fact that he probably would have popped the question if they had not broken up.

“I wasn’t giving her the time and love she deserves as I was so committed to my career. She deserved better than me,” he said when a fan asked why they split.

He also admitted that he is single and available but will probably not date a celebrity because “It don’t get better than Boity.”

Boity on the other hand has not really acknowledged that she has moved on. She has always been reluctant to divulge much details about her love life with the rapper.

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“We can’t go according to what people would like. It’s not like we hate each other or are enemies. We have explained the reasons for the break-up, but we are still friends. We are not robots and it doesn’t matter now. I am very happy. I live in my pretty little home, I’ve got this cute little car and my work is going very well. I’m just a happy person,” she said during a recent interview.

Sadly, Getting back together as they have in the past may not be that simple for the couple again.

“Eish my love, it’s not that simple but you’ll never know. I’ll always love her though,” he said when asked about the chances of reconciliation.

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