Cancer Signs And Symptons You Might Overlook


It is not the conspicuous cancer signs we should be worried about, Rather, we should be conscious of other symptoms that may be difficult to notice but indeed fatal. Listed in this article are nine cancer signs and symptoms that people often overlook.

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Cancer Signs To Always Look Out For

Lumps Under The Skin

Lumps usually appear on any soft tissue area of the body irrespective of gender or race and people often associate them with breast or testicular cancer.

Detecting a lump in its early stage and taking the necessary actions of seeing a doctor is the answer to longevity.

It is very important that you consult a medical professional as soon as you discover a problem of this nature on your body. It is advised to always do a routine check on your body so as to detect on time any unusual physical changes.

Chronic Fatigue

Fatigue may appear common to some depending on the nature of your daily activities.

However, extreme fatigue that wouldn’t go away can potentially be a cause for great concern.

The American Cancer Society revealed that such chronic fatigue that even sleep and rest cannot put a stop to could be a sign of leukemia, colon cancer, or cancer of the stomach.

However, to avoid panic and spreading of fear, it should be noted that chronic fatigue is merely a possible symptom of cancer as well as any other health issue.

Prolonged Fever

Fever can often be ignored or attributed to various minor health issues such as the common cold or malaria. Most times we ignore a slight fever not knowing that it can be a warning sign for a potential life-threatening condition.

When the body is trying to fight off the impact of cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma on the immune system, it leads to the point of fever.

One should always be wary of such fever that lingers and doesn’t go away with common treatment.


It is true that pain can be caused by a lot of reasons that could be less threatening, but a pain that lasts for too long and doesn’t go away or pain that doesn’t go away when treated with basic medications can be a symptom of cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, prolonged back pain can be a sign of colon or ovarian cancer, while a headache that produces pain and lingers for several days without relief can be a sign of brain cancer. In addition, bone and testicular cancer can often produce aching or sharp pains during the early stages of development.

It is good to notice changes and to never dismiss pain that seems to linger for days or weeks at a time.

Changes In Bowel Habits

Always notice any changes in the way you urinate or in your bowel movements. Sometimes you find out that you feel the need to urinate more frequently or less than you used to, this may not be serious but at the same time could be an early sign of bladder or prostate cancer.

Another major issue is when you notice blood in your urine or stool, this could be a symptom of a serious medical condition which must not be ignored.

Unexplained Weight Loss

Just like chronic fatigue, unexplained weight loss can be attributed to a lot of other things that are not serious yet it could be one of many signs of cancer that are often neglected.

If you are used to a rather active lifestyle, then losing weight can easily be ignored or dismissed as mere drastic change in diet plan or stress.

However, if you notice you are losing weight without any major change in your eating habits, it is better to consult a medical professional as you could be developing some cancer signs in their early stages. Cancers like esophageal, lung, pancreatic, and stomach cancers often attract symptoms of unexplained weight loss.

Changes On Skin Surface

Skin cancer is quite common in our society these days but it’s quite unfortunate that the symptoms of skin cancer are often ignored by people who have them.

Most people dismiss these signs on the skin as mere sunburn, darkened mole and they are often attributed to the ageing process.

Also, changes on the skin that are accompanied by excessive itching which may be the signs of various types of skin cancer like melanoma should not be overlooked. Melanoma is usually caused by too much exposure to the sun.

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Swollen Foot

Swollen foot is definitely one of the common cancer signs ignored by people.

Report from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center says swelling in the private part of a woman, accompanied with pain and/or vaginal discharge, could easily be a sign of cervical cancer.

It is important to pay attention to signs and symptoms on your body especially if they’re accompanied by other ailments such as discharge or pain.

White Patches In The Mouth

This particular ignored symptom of cancer known as leukoplakia is more notable in men than women but can occur in any gender. Both the American Cancer Society and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center described leukoplakia as a precancerous condition that is characterised by various white patches within the mouth and gums.

Regular tobacco users should be more wary of these mouth sores and ulcers that are often ignored and dismissed as nothing more than routine irritations.

The condition leukoplakia can happen to both men and women through smoking. However it is a condition that is found more often in men who abuse cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

The aforementioned cancer signs should serve as pointers to look out for when changes start to appear on the body both internal and external.

It must be noted that there are several other cancer signs and symptoms that further research could reveal.