South Africans Called To Unite Around National Symbols; Fight Against Racism


Considering the rising racial incidences in the country particularly in the past few months, South Africans have been urged retrace their steps towards familiarizing with the symbols that speak unity in the country. This was the major message that social protection, community and human development cluster has for the country today.

Speaking to reporters in the parliament, the Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini said though South Africans are not completely racists, the few who are, need to refocus on national unity rather than divisions. To this end, the group urged South Africans to keep the flag flying and always remember to recite the national anthem.

“We encourage all South Africans… to learn to sing and observe the national anthem with respect, fly the national flag with pride and work towards a society free from social, economic [and] class barriers, and racism,” Dlamini said.

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Dlamini further stated that there was a need for national dialogues and community conversations so that the importance of nation building through unity, social cohesion and eradicating racism, will be discussed. “As our nation grows it is important that all South Africans are familiar with the symbols that unite us as a country,” she added.

Meanwhile, President Jacob Zuma had in his State of the Nation Address, last week, urged South Africans to put efforts together to ensure that “the demon of racism” is destroyed in the country.

According to the president, the country’s journey to a non racial society is yet to be completed especially as the demon reared its ugly head on social and electronic media, causing untold pain and anger.

“There’ is a need to confront the demon of racism,” he added as he announced that the Human Rights Day on March 21, would be commemorated as a national day against racism this year.

We could recall that the Nelson Mandela Foundation earlier this month, announced an anti-racism initiative that would culminate in a week-long event “to globalize the fight against racism. To this, the CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation Sello Hatang stated that change cannot be achieved if anti racism is not preached “from our homes”

On the same hand, F.W. de klerk urged White South Africans to continue to try and understand and acknowledge the pain and humiliation that apartheid caused blacks, colored and Indian people while black South Africans must show greater sensitivity to the country’s history.

Klerk also called on various leaders to put hands together to fight and condemn any form of racism in the county. “We simply cannot afford this racial polarization,” he concluded.

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