Wedding Bells: Businessman Kenny Kunene Is Getting Hitched


Unlike the prank he pulled on us last year, businessman Kenny Kunene seems to be ready to take his relationship with his girlfriend to the next level.

Kunene, 46 has finally announced that he will tie the knot with his girlfriend Nonkululeko Whitney Mhlanga, 22 in a traditional ceremony. The ceremony will be held in Kimberley next month.

Kunene met Mhlanga four years ago. At first sight, he was able to know that she was the one for him. Regardless of the age gap, Mhlanga’s maturity made it possible for their love to grow to this extent. In fact, he was so smitten with her that he would have married Mhlanga two years ago had she not insisted on finishing her studies first.

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First, the couple will be getting married the traditional way and the Zulu ceremony, umembeso, will see Kenny’s family handing gifts to Mhlanga’s family to thank them for their daughter. This will lead to welcoming him into the family as their son-in-law.

Kenny also announced that Mhlanga was expecting a baby boy. The white wedding will be fixed at a later date.

Meanwhile, in a deliberate act to tease his followers, socialite and businessman Kenny Kunene shared a picture of himself on Instagram searching for cattle in the Free State last year.

On his social media platform, Kunene revealed that he and his girlfriend went to Free State in search of the perfect cattle. “Braving the cold with my Rib at the farm to choose the one…well looked after cattle,” he said.

Shortly after the picture dropped, followers started speculating on what the picture really means. However, expectations came crashing when Kenny revealed they didn’t go in search of cattle for lobola. Apparently, he had something else in mind when he was searching the market for the one special cow.

“Every year in August I come home to the Free State, where I pray and slaughter a cow for the ancestors, which is then fed to friends and family,” he told TMG Entertainment.

Moreover, Kenny confirmed that the vague message he posted was a deliberate act to tease his followers. He added that he knew that people would naturally assume it was preparations for lobola negotiations. “Don’t worry when the lobola negotiations are set to take place everyone will know,” Kenny promised.

Well, we hope he’s serious this time. Kenny also announced his wife was expecting a baby boy.