Britain To Deport 92-Year-Old South African Who Wants To Spend The End Of Her Days With Her Only Child


A 92-year-old South African frail widow “will be deported from the UK where she is cared for by her only child and sent back to South Africa where she has no close family,” Mail Online reports.

As gathered, Myrtle Cothill suffers from heart problems, cannot live on her own, moved from South Africa to live with her daughter in UK, applied for a leave to remain in the country, was refused and must now fly back to South Africa next week irrespective of the fact that she doesn’t have any family to care for her in Mzansi.

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The old lady who lives in Britain with her only child – Mary Wills was ordered to leave Britain and return to South Africa when the quest to prevent her deportation failed.

The old woman was shown no mercy despite the fact that father fought for Britain in the First and Second World Wars.

Wailing about the decision to deport her mother, Mary commented thus; “my mother just cannot live on her own, and emotionally, to her as well as for myself, it would really tear strips out of our heart and probably would kill my mother, and maybe myself as well.”

Mary explained that her husband who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and has problems with his heart needed her care as well. As such, they cannot travel to South Africa to look after her mother, and do not have the right to live in Mzansi.

Reporting this happening, theguardian quoted Mary saying; “my mother is in a terrible state. She is just shaking and shaking…It is so cruel. We don’t know what to do…She should be with her family. The heartbreak of leaving us at her age could finish her off and finish me off too.

If she doesn’t go to the airport on Tuesday, they will probably come here and remove her and take her to detention center. That will be signing her death certificate.”

Cothill on the other end said – “I don’t want to go. I’ve got nobody there and I am not well enough to travel. I’m very upset. I’m very old. I’m 92. I want to live with my daughter for the end of my days.”

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