Boyz n Buckz’s Scoop Makhathini Confirms The Group Is No More!


Scoop Makhathini seems to have answered the question on everyone’s mind about what became of Boyz N Buckz through his series of tweets.

Perhaps the meanest crew in SA hip-hop, Boyz N Buckz – the group we’ve all came to love have officially called it quits.

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Following their sudden disappearance from the spotlight, fans started speculating that the group may have died off. However, the members kept mum over the issue and the speculations remained unconfirmed till now.

While other members of the group continued to avoid discussing why they have gone AWOL, Scoop decided to come clean. Thus, he officially confirmed their split in a recent series of Twitter rant.

The media personality took to his Twitter page on Thursday to slam the defunct group. Apparently, the group’s official social media account is still functioning and they are using the platform to deceive the public, pretending that the group is still together when members haven’t called or seen each other in ages.

Scoop went on to say that the group may have succeeded if its members thought less of themselves and focused on the group. Arguably, they chose the “Buckz” over the “Boyz”. In other words, they chose success over friendship.

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However, Scoop admitted that no particular member of the group was to blame for the split. In fact, they all contributed to the rise and fall of the group.

Meanwhile, media personality Scoop Makhathini has joined online radio Touch Central FM. He will be hosting his own show on Touch Central during the weekends. However, final details about the gig are yet to be confirmed. CEO of the online radio station Tbo Touch confirmed the news on Twitter, Thursday night.