Bonang’s Revlon Global Ambassadorship Gets More Controversial


The announcement made by the Cosmetics house Revlon and Bonang Matheba’s publicist on the media personality’s global ambassadorship still remains an unclear issue as the company is yet to speak up in confirmation of it.

Bonang announced on March 18 that she would be joining the likes of Halle Berry and Emma Watson as the international faces of Revlon. She said on her Instagram page that  she is now a Revlon global brand ambassador and that her latest Revlon campaign would be launching in April.

But the statement of Revlon SA spokesman Michelle Stevens speaks otherwise as he said there were no plans to take Bonang’s brand international. Instead he said Bonang would remain the face of Revlon SA.

“Bonang is continuing her relationship with Revlon as a Brand Ambassador for South Africa. At this time, there are no plans to launch a global campaign with Bonang. As is Revlon policy, we do not comment on any further details of our Brand Ambassador contracts.”

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Pumza Nohashe, who represents the celebrity, told The Citizen that Matheba’s new contract ‘expressly provided for’ and indicated she would be a global ambassador.

Nohashe then later issued a statement saying that Metro FM presenter has enjoyed a great three-year relationship with Revlon SA and was very honored when the brand came back to renew their partnership, specifically, as per the agreement extending her territory of endorsement. However, she admitted that the media personality may have been premature about her announcement.

“The social media posting by Ms Matheba, was made a bit previous to the official announcement, which will come in due course.”

The publicist also said the global campaign was a PR exercise on Matheba’s own account:

“Ms Matheba recently traveled to the US on her private PR exercise, which involved a photo shoot, with New York based creatives. It is from this personal PR shoot that Revlon SA chose an image to use for their upcoming in-store Color stay promotion, due to launch on April 4, 2016. This together with contractual indicators, expressly provide for her global ambassadorship.”

Matheba has since removed the social media posts from her page. Last year, Matheba was forced to retract a statement she issued on her social media accounts that her Woolworths Distraction range would be launched in Australia.

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