SA’s Darling Bonang Extends A Helping Hand To A Student In Distress


Aside dominating billboards and fashion campaigns around the world, our dearest Bonang is also charitable to the core.

It’s naturally assumed that celebrities like to have their name associated with good deeds just to promote their personality.

They are often accused of using charity work to make people love them and thus, improve their “brand.”

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But, hate her or love her, TV personality Bonang Matheba secretly extended a helping hand to a student in need.

The student named Asanda needed financial assistance to pay her tuition fees, promising to pay back with good grades.

Asanda, reached out to her followers on Twitter to help her raise R6 110 for her second semester fees due at the end of July.

Twitter users helped her spread the plea through retweets and comments. This made the post go viral on the social media platform.

Asanda was moved by the response to her plea and poured her heart out, revealing that she is “overwhelmed” by the positive responses and contributions.

“I am overwhelmed with your responses and RTs, i am grateful for your positive contributions. I will keep you posted on the outcome.”

While users showed sympathy and support through their comments, Bonang slipped into Asanda’s mentions, stealthily, urging her to send in her details.

As one of South Africa’ darlings, B has been featured in American fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine Essence.

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Just few weeks after she got a shout-out from US TV star Zuri Hall, she found her name and face on the magazine’s list of the world’s most stylish international icons.

Bonang shared some of her beauty tips and secrets in the feature, listing actress Nomzamo Mbatha as one of her beauty crushes.