Bomb Threat In Joburg High Court Disrupts Krejcir’s Sentencing Arguments


An apparent bomb threat has disrupted proceedings at a High Court in Johannesburg. Police sniffer dogs arrived at the court after 14:00 as everyone was asked to leave the building to avoid recording any casualties.

The Court was deciding on the case of convicted drug dealer and Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir who was due to be sentenced for crimes including attempted murder, dealing in drugs and kidnapping.

Sentencing proceedings in the criminal case came to a sudden end, when a police officer entered the courtroom and informed the prosecutor of the bomb threat.

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The officers told lawyers and members of the public to leave the court premises as they take charge of the situation, while Krejcir and his five co-accused were taken downstairs.

Krejcir was convicted in August on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, and dealing in drugs. During his dealings, he was involved in the kidnapping and torture of Bheki Lukhele, whose brother, Doctor, allegedly disappeared with 25kg of the drug tik belonging to Krejcir.

Doctor was a staff in a cargo company at OR Tambo International Airport while Krejcir needed help to smuggle the drug out of the country. They struck a deal but instead of delivering the drug, Doctor made away with it.

Meanwhile, the facts are not yet clear if the bomb threat had anything to do with Krejcir who had spent most of the day in court trying to get the judge to excuse himself from the case because he was accusing him of being biased and unfair to him from the beginning of the trial.

The decision of the Czech fugitive to legally represent himself in court earlier today had the officials increasing security ahead of proceedings.

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Krejcir asked for time to get his psychologist, psychiatrist and social worker to testify ahead of sentencing, but Judge Lamont says proceedings must continue.

He has been given until tomorrow to arrange for witnesses and legal representation for sentencing arguments to continue.

There is a possibility that Krejcir might bail hearing and leave the country illegally, having made multiple attempts to escape since his arrest late in 2013.