Climbers Beware! Bob Mabena Enlightens Us On The Dangers Of Altitude Sickness


Radio personality Bob Mabena has enlightened us on the dangers of altitude sickness following the death of his close pal Gugu Zulu.

Few hours after news of Zulu’s death went viral, Mabena took to Instagram to post a picture of himself in hospital suffering from altitude sickness.

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Apparently, Mabena suffered the same symptoms as Zulu back in May.

South African rally driver Gugu Zulu passed away in an attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. He was part of the Trek4Mandela expedition.

Gugu was taken to the hospital when he developed flu-like symptoms alongside laboured breaths.

Unfortunately, he died in the early hours of Monday morning.

Though the actual cause of Zulu’s death is yet to be established, the Nelson Mandela Foundation confirmed the rally driver had been complaining of flu-like symptoms.

The aforementioned symptoms are similar to the ones suffered by Mabena when he attempted to climb the French Alps in May.

Mabena explained that as the climbing progressed, he developed altitude sickness followed by flu-like symptoms.

“You get to a stage where you don’t have the strength to actually breathe. Walking a mere two steps feels like a steep climb,” he wrote.

It dawned on Bob Mabena that something was wrong when he started hallucinating and coughing up water.

He was promptly rushed down the mountain and taken to a hospital where he was treated.

“It can be fatal and had I spent a few more minutes in that altitude I definitely wouldn’t be here posting this message,” he wrote.

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He referred to the experience as the scariest thing you can ever imagine.

“I know how it felt. (It is) the scar(iest) feeling ever,” he added.

Mabena revealed that he was so shocked when he heard the news that he parked at a petrol station, shaking profusely.