Police Follow Blood Trail To Shallow Grave And Spine-chilling Discovery


When the police followed a blood trail to a shallow grave, they expected to find a buried body, but what they discovered later was a total horror.

The discovery was made after a local found blood on his path home and raised alarm. He contacted the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) who arrived and followed the blood trail.

Consequently, they traced the blood to fingers pushing up from the earth inside a bush in KwaZulu-Natal on the North Coast. That was when they knew they were unto a body.

Accordingly, a young woman’s body was exhumed from the shallow grave. However‚ this wasn’t all as there was a second body in the same grave.

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The woman presumed to be around 25-35 years old and a five-year-old girl were discovered on top of each other in the shallow grave in Desainagar‚ Tongaat on Monday.

CERT chairperson Nazir Sadack said that the resident who made the discovery was walking home around midday when he noticed the blood which he said was not there a few hours ago. He alerted CERT immediately as he suspected something bad had happened and he was right.

“We walked through the bush and followed the blood trail to a spot where we assumed a scuffle had taken place‚” Sadack said.

The grass there was pressed down and there was a lot of blood in the area.

“We followed the blood trail off the path and into the bush‚ where we found what looked like a grave.”

At this point, the police were called in and SAPS officers walked through the area with a dog‚ detecting a body.

“We cleared the grave site and saw the tips of fingers sticking up from the soil. That’s when we knew we had a body.”

Consequently, the body of a female adult‚ was found in the grave. The blood from her shattered head was still fresh, indicating that she had only been dead for a few hours.

While clearing her body of dirt, they discovered a red piece of material thought to be a piece of her clothing. Sadly, it turned out to be a second body.

“As we cleared the woman’s body from the grave‚ we saw that the material was a T-shirt on the body of a girl child‚ approximately 5 or 6 years old.”

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Just like the woman, the child had wounds on her head and her face was severely battered.

While the speculation that the woman may be the child’s mother is all they got right now, SAPS said they can’t be sure until forensics had been done. For the most part, the two deceased are not known around the area.

“The woman had no form of identification on her. She had no bag and no shoes on either.”

So far, there’s no conclusion on what transpired in the event leading up to the death of the woman and the child.