BLF Facebook Account: Here’s Why Johann Rupert Shut It Down


Well, like you I never knew Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and co-founder of Facebook is Johann Rupert’s distance nephew; someone Mr. Rupert can buzz up at midnight to shut down the BLF Facebook account.

Yeah, if you missed it, the Black First Land First (BLF) movement accused Johann Rupert of shutting down their Facebook account.

According to the BLF movement, the shutting down of it’s Facebook account is part of the attack on the movement for the revolutionary war it has been waging against white monopoly capital.

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BLF said it has been winning stunning victories against white monopoly capital. Now, white monopoly capital is trembling with fear in the face of its black agenda and, that inspired Mr. Rupert to shut down the BLF Facebook account.

BLF listed the following as some of its victories that warranted the shutting down of its facebook account:

  1. The leaked Public Protector report confirming BLF claims that ABSA stole money from the people of South Africa and must pay it back. This is an important victory because BLF members were arrested for demanding an investigation into the R26 billion stolen from the people.
  2. The Competition Commission has revealed that 18 banks (being ABSA, Bank of America Merrill Lynch International Limited and 16 others) have been involved in corruption. BLF has been consistently saying that the white-owned banks are a criminal syndicate. Our movement has written numerous letters including a memorandum to the President demanding a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the conduct of the banks.
  3. BLF has been saying that Johann Rupert is the king of corruption in South Africa. Now the Competition Commission has vindicated BLF with its findings that the Rupert owned Unilever steals from the poor.
  4. BLF launched the ‘Hands Off Zuma  Economic Liberation Now’ campaign after Johann Rupert, echoing the London-based imperialist forces, conspired to illegally remove President Zuma like the way the President of Brazil was removed. We put the condition of land return without paying for it to President Zuma. It’s gratifying to the revolutionaries but irritating to reactionaries and the agents of London that President Zuma has heard BLFs message and is calling for ‘land expropriation without compensation’. White monopoly capital is fuming!
  5. BLF has been calling for the removal of Pravin Gordhan from Treasury. This was the last straw. White monopoly capital and imperialism are now totally enraged by these victories of the BLF –  they are fighting back dirty!

With the above, BLF argued that the shutting down of its Facebook page is part of Johann Rupert’s fight back. “…This is the work of white monopoly capital that is, in turn, afraid of the powerful message of our movement. They are so afraid that they have shut down our page,” BLF stated.

BLF further alleged that Johann Rupert is peddling lies about BLF and its leaders through fake news blogs and “fake reports in the newspapers like the Sunday Times.”

“White monopoly capital with its paid agents such as Professor Pierre De Vos and seasoned white monopoly capital spin doctor Chris Fick have been lying openly about BLF and its leaders on social media.

“These moves are part of a campaign to rescue white monopoly capital. It’s too late though – the people know who the enemy is,” asserted the movement.

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BLF upheld that the shutting down of its page is an attempt to silence and intimidate the movement. With that, it said:

“…We won’t be silenced or intimidated! This is suppression of our ideas and the denial of our freedom of expression. BLF will write a letter to Facebook to demand an urgent meeting.

It’s shocking that racist organisations such as the Democratic Alliance (DA), Afriforum, and the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) are allowed to run Facebook pages, but a pro-black organisation is banned. We want answers!”

Above all, BLF asserted that white monopoly capital is trembling with fear. “We won’t be silenced; we won’t be intimidated! Land or death!” BLF charged.