Blame Zimbabweans For My Long Stay In Power – President Mugabe


President Mugabe told Japaneses Journalist In Tokyo that Zimbabweans are to blame for his long stay in power as they have continuously mandated him to lead the country since 1980.

The old leader said he would stand as the Zanu-PF presidential candidate in 2018 if he’s strong, and that his successor after he’s done ruling the nation, must be people-oriented and eager to protect the country from west neo-colonialism.

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“Two years later is no time but only God knows what will happen in two years time. 2018, I don’t know, it will depend. If I am fit enough, yes, but if I am not fit enough, I will not.

My people will want me to be a candidate and they have already nominated me as candidate for 2018,” Mugabe disclosed.

To him, leading Zimbabwe for the past 36 years was because the people successively voted for him to champion their empowerment. And anyone who is dissatisfied with that should criticize the people.

“If they don’t like my long stay in power, they should criticize my people, I do not vote for myself into power. You just go to Zimbabwe now and ask the people whether I should stand down. They will be angry with you,” he warned.

Nonetheless, President Mugabe acknowledged that he can’t rule Zimbabwe forever. As such, he talked about the qualities his successor must posses.

“He must be a good leader all the time, a leader who is people oriented. A leader who listens to the voice of the people, who takes care of the people, who thinks of the people before he thinks of himself.

He should be a leader who is directed and governed by the wishes of the people. This is what I have tried to be. This is what our Government has tried to be,” Mugabe asserted.

“When we waged the struggle it was a people struggle for the freedom of our people and that should remain the objective of the leaders in the future,” he added as he iterated that they must be people oriented, ensure the people are as free as possible, defend and protect them against any outsider.

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