Blame SA Govt. For Failing To Guard Our Borders Against Illegal Immigrants – ADF


A lot has been said concerning the alarming increase of illegal immigrants into the country. But in a recent report, the African Diaspora Forum (ADF) blames it all on the country’s loose border.

Taking a march to the Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba’s office on Monday, following his comments about illegal immigrants, the African Diaspora Forum (ADF) asked the mayor to direct his anger to the state government and not the people for the ill.

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According to the forum, the high influx of foreign nationals into South Africa should be blamed on the South African government for being unable to control its borders.

In its march convened to submit a memorandum to the City of Johannesburg, the ADF said not all foreigners are criminals and should not be grouped with those who are.

The group’s comment came as a reaction to Mashaba’s remark that foreigners living in the city contributed heavily to the increased crime rate,

Chairperson Marc Gbaffou said Mashaba should consult with the government on ways to control migration to allow foreign nationals to be documented. He said the ADF members are not to be blamed.

“We are saying that the department of home affairs is failing people to get the documentation. The mayor should start by speaking to Minister Malusi Gigaba.”

“Migrants were part of the people who built the city that (Mayor Mashaba is) leading today.

“It is essential for (him) as the mayor of the city, to refresh (his) memory with the history of the city of Johannesburg. Not all migrants are criminals. Crime doesn’t have a nationality,” ADF secretary Obvious Katsaura added.

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Gbaffou said they were handing over the memorandum because they were greatly disturbed by Mashaba’s comments which appear to make a link between undocumented migrants and criminality.

MMC for community development Nonhlala Sifumbu accepted the memorandum on Mashaba’s behalf.