Black Worker Leaves Work Because Boss Calls Him A Baboon


A worker at an aircraft services company has been reported to have left his job because his boss calls him and his fellow workers baboons

The ex worker who goes by the name Ephraim Seema for Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria said he had endured the bitter pills of being called the “K’ word and a baboon for a period of six years and all these period he could not tell why his boss Sandro Strimer chose to insult black people in such manner.

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According to him, his boss started calling him that when he saw him (Seema) going for his lunch. At that, Strimer got annoyed, complaining that he was using his time to eat. Seema presented an audio clip one of which a male voice which he says was his boss’ was asking where he was going. The conversation recorded says:

Voice: Where are you going?”

Seema : “I go to pick up my meat.” (sic)

Voice: “To pick up your meat in my time? Huh, in my time? Okay, no problem, I will show you. I will show you bastard.

“Melita, I want a warning for every f****ng k****rs here tomorrow morning. They do not want to work, all they want is f&*ng money.”

The next clip Seema presented also had on it the same voice noted to be that of Strimer still calling one of his workers baboon. The voice said: “Why don’t you sit down? You look better now, now you look like a real f***ng baboon.”

Seema said he had to record some of the times their boss insulted them because he was fed up with such maltreatment from a human being like him.

“I told him to stop calling us names and insulting us but he refused.

“He said it did not matter because he does not like black people and that he was doing us a favour by hiring us (blacks),” he said.

Meanwhile, Sandro Strimer who is the owner of Multi Aircraft Services, had denied the allegations claiming that such allegation is illegal.

“Let him come and approach me in a right way. I deny that. If you spread something like that, it’s illegal and it’s not true,” he told Sowetan.

However, the minister for Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa, had said that the only and major way for south Africans to be free of racism is for them to have a change of mindset, the willingness to work together and understand basic dignity of all people and to commit totally to equality.

“Those who say and think in terms of hatred for others reflect an allegiance not to the South Africa of the present but an obedience to the perpetuation of the horrors of the past.

“There are those who dare say that we over-react and that words do not kill. The truth is that they do‚” Mthethwa stated.

Making mention of the memorable works of the likes of Nelson Mandela, Mthethwa said though this might not be an easy goal, “It is easy to take shortcuts but we need to move beyond anger”

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