Black Remains The Biggest Political Point In South Africa And It’s Ruining The Country


This is one white voice in the lost nation pleading with black South Africans (and coloreds) with all sincerity of heart, saying: we’re sorry, forgive us and help us fix South Africa. South Africa is not all about blacks. Someone needs to remind the politicians about this, and we need our black brothers to help us out here.

Among the different race groups in South Africa, blacks are without doubt, one of the most remarkable. So remarkable, indeed that South Africa will not and cannot be the same without them. Their energy powers the rainbow nation.

Blacks need to forgive Whites. Anyone who is well-informed about the horrors that followed the racial segregation enforced via the legislation by the National Party cannot deny but agree that blacks were maltreated and abused in one of the worst racial discrimination ever. It was not just that they were ruthlessly treated as slaves in their own country, they were equally killed.

So, we’re sorry blacks. We’re sorry for the recent racial discrimination at Stellenbosch University, we are sorry for the way we mistreated you, we’re sorry for reserving the good things for “Whites Only”, we’re sorry for the way we abused you, we’re sorry for starving your children, we’re sorry for stealing your properties, we’re sorry for brutalizing your loved ones, we’re sorry for calling you monkeys, we’re sorry for enslaving you in your home, and we’re sorry for making you feel unwanted in your native land. Please forgive us, you have to. It’s high time you forgave us. We beg you blacks, we’re sorry, forgive us and help us fix South Africa

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Since the long walk to freedom was accomplished and the ANC emerged the ruling party of the nation, politicians seemingly can’t present any other reasons to earn vote than play the black script. Check the facts; what major campaign has kept ANC in power? Why is the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) supported largely by Zulu-speaking South Africans? What promise earned EFF 6% of the national vote in the last election?

I will tell you. They were all promises related to fighting for the economic freedom of “marginalized” blacks expressed in such statements like “currently this wealth is spread in a deeply unequal manner, due to prejudicial historical circumstances”.

Many South Africans (especially the knowledgeable blacks) may never say this, but they admired the DA and were attracted to the party as it was the only party that discuss and proffer solutions to issues rather than woo the black majority with the sentiment of not being well cared for in a country they own.

The previous paragraph is expressed in past tense if you noticed. For even the DA has lately, in a bid to gather major support for the party come next election, resolved to play the black politicking script. The DA leader, Mmusi Maimane while addressing the DA Students’ organization (DASO) recently at the University of Cape Town said “the reality is that unemployment among black South Africans stands at 39% compared to 8.3% among whites…In an urban environment where social interaction across racial, social and cultural divides is more common, it is easy to forget that the vast majority of the unemployed, rural population is black…They (blacks) still suffer disproportionately from unemployment and an inferior quality of life.”

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Those statements may be accurate, but then out-rightly portrays the very reason South Africa has failed as a country. What is the essence of the comparison when ideally, the problem of unemployment ought to be addressed as affecting South Africa at large like crimes? If the color identity of criminals are treated as irrelevant by our crime-fighters, why would the identity of jobless South Africans be classified based on their colors?

Just as revealing the color identity of these criminals can stir negative prejudice against a race, so can the revelation of the unemployment imbalance. Our politicians should know this, they should stop broadcasting such sensitive issues that gives our black brothers the impression of we whites being better off than them. Whites are having a hell of a time in South Africa just like every other South African. Yes the apartheid policy gave Whites an edge, our politicians should however campaign with ideals that will equalize this edge instead of rebroadcasting and emphasizing the known problem, and as such portraying Whites as the enemy and black the priority of South Africa. South Africa is not all about blacks, dear black brothers, please remind our politicians about that.

The expelled EFF MP Andile Mngxitama recently unveiled his emblem for the new movement he named Black First Land First with  tweets threatening violence and death. Uniformed South Africans will join Mngxitama and harm fellow countrymen if nothing is done. Help us fix South Africa brothers. Ignore his Black first land movement, make him learn South Africa is not all about blacks.

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