Catholic Bishop Faults Whites For SA Racial Tension


White South Africans are not helping to build the rainbow nation we all desire. They have to a larger extent, contributed to the racial tension plaguing South Africa,” says Bishop William Slattery.

The Catholic Bishop expressed the sentiment at a gathering of religious leaders in Pretoria.

He told the gathering that white South Africans aren’t living-up to the ideal responsibility of fostering social cohesion and good race relations in South Africa.

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According to Bishop Slattery, White South African always avoid and escape from institutions once they open their doors to all races.

To buttress his points, Slattery referred to four Catholic schools in the Pretoria city. He pointed out that the schools were occupied by white pupils in the 1960s but can’t boast of a single white pupil.

“They have all withdrawn from the schools, white people have a problem,” remarked Bishop Slattery.

Thereafter, he called on white South Africans to embrace togetherness. That South Africa is still struggling to survive racism after over two decades Mandela and his likes completed the long walk to freedom, he said, is unsettling for those questing for a rainbow South Africa.

Also, Bishop Slattery proclaimed that Whites are insensitive to cultures that aren’t theirs. That, he said, is to their detriment as it only impoverish them.

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Nonetheless, he called on all to be patience saying the people of South Africa won’t racially discriminate each-other forever. He refereed to the Anglo-Boer War and stated that English and Afrikaners found it difficult to related even after a century the war ended.

“It takes a long time. It is a question of trust,” he said and charged white South Africans to develop trust for other South Africans from other race.