Benni McCarthy On What It Felt Like Growing Up In An Abusive Home


After announcing his support and endorsement for child rights group – Women and Men Against Child Abuse (WMACA), former Bafana Bafana footballer Benni McCarthy relived his personal experience in an abusive home.

The soccer star grew up watching his father beat the daylight out of his mother. Thus, he resolved to do whatever it takes to give his mother the life she deserves.

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“My mom unfortunately was on the end of a beating‚ and because I was the youngest of three kids at the time‚ I was always in the house and I was the one who was witnessing all this. Yeah‚ I just made a promise to myself that I want to work my socks off and make a success of my life so I can get my mother the life that she deserved‚” he said.

Consequently, Benni McCarthy made a decision to be a different man from his father. He made a promise to himself never to prey on women and children, knowing that they can hardly defend themselves.

“Kids and women cannot defend themselves against us. So‚ to use kids and women as a punching bag is vile. So‚ I promised myself that I would never become that guy who uses woman and kids as a punching bag‚ but try and make a difference‚” he added.

Benni’s father Dudley who died in 2008 did not extend the abuse to him. However, watching his mother pass through the ordeal had a mental effect on him. And it’s even worse when he couldn’t do anything at the time to help her.

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But now, he has made it and wants to use his story to inspire others to speak out on abuse. Since he was able to pull out from the horrible background to achieve so much, he believes others can.