Belated Apologies From Moseti – The Man Who Chopped Off His Penis


The Kenyan man who did the craziest thing by chopping off his own penis on the eve of Valentine’s Day on the grounds that his wife was having an affair with his brother, has apologized for his abnormal behavior. The man also wanted to allegedly cut off his wife’s breast too before the tables turned on him.

The incidence happened at the wrong time being Saturday morning, just few hours before Valentine day when lovers and couples are supposed to have a good time. The incidence left the couple no other choice than to spend the much-anticipated ‘lovers day’ in the hospital.

The man who chopped off his penis said he committed the act after his wife denied him sex amidst suspicions of her infidelity. Moseti relayed his apologies from his hospital bed in Thika where the doctors had performed a reconstructive surgery on him.

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The apologies are coming a bit late as he might be spending the rest of his life without a penis. Doctors who treated him said it would be hard to reattach the genitals.

“He chopped off his manhood completely,” one of the doctors told the press.

Moseti expressed his regret at the abnormal act and apologized to his wife.

“What I did to myself is not a normal thing, but embarrassing,” Moseti said.

Meanwhile, the 20-year-old wife told reporters that she had already forgiven him.

“I won’t leave him just because he doesn’t have (his manhood). Since he has forgiven me, I will stay though he is jealous,” she said.

It will be a good idea for Moseti to watch his temper and rate of jealousy because who knows, it might be his head next time.

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