Zuma’s ANC Is Different From OR Tambo’s ANC – Analysts


Political analysts in the country have arrived at the conclusion that President Jacob Zuma has demeaned, belittled, damaged, defaced and eroded the values, dignity, and pride of the ANC.

To them, today’s ANC is apparently different from the ruling party the likes of OR Tambo, Nelson Mandela and other reputable leaders led.

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Under the leadership of President Zuma, the ANC has degenerated into an unreputable movement, wrapped up in scandals, factionalism, ignominy and humiliation.

Speaking recently to reporters, a renowned political analyst Aubrey Matshiqi, asserted that Zuma is currently leading a different movement, a different ANC – one that is “alien” to that of Tambo’s.

Matshiqi recalled that Tambo led a selfless movement, one that is committed to the cause and dedicated towards the emancipation of the people.

The analyst added that Tambo was at the frontline for the values of unity, selflessness, sacrifice, collective leadership, humility, honesty, discipline, hard work, internal debates, constructive criticism and self­criticism and mutual respect – not just in ANC but in South Africa at large.

Other endearing qualities that distinguishedTambo’s leadership was his ability to seek other comrades’ opinion on matters and his ability to listen, Matshiqi added.

In conclusion, the political analyst said, “Tambo’s ANC is different from Zuma’s. It can be argued that by calling on the ANC to be that kind of party meant he [Zuma] is committing political suicide. Zuma does not belong to that ANC. He has betrayed that ANC.”

Another political analyst Andre Duvenage, who weighed in on the matter admitted that the ANC of 2016 is a shadow of the 60’s and 70’s ANC. He opined that Zuma has nothing to leave behind because “he is the worst president the ANC has produced.”

Wrapping up, Duvenage said the best example he can set is to step down as ANC president and South African leader.

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The political analysts were speaking in reaction to Zuma’s speech at the wreath-laying ceremony in honour of Oliver Tambo in Wattville, Ekurhuleni on Friday.

At the event, Zuma told the crowd that challenges in the 104-year-old ANC are not new, as OR Tambo also encountered leadership challenges in the ANC.

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